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Get ready for Google's Core Web Vitals algorithm update

We don't speak a lot about search engine optimisation here, but when you'll hear about this latest update to Google's algorithm, it's bringing it closer to home.

Google just announced the new parameters that we'll use to rank websites from May, 2021. So I think it's a good time to review them now and get prepared to get your site ready on time.

This update will bring "Page experience" and "Core web vitals" as key ranking factors. It means that Google bots will now analyse the pages on your websites more and more like humans. They will value a great user experience and fast performance.

Google came up with some very technical in terms like "Largest contentful paint", or "First input delay", or "Cumulative layout shifts". To keep it simple and in plain English, there are three main things to consider.

  1. The first one is the loading speed, which is mostly to you about your hosting server and the caching security settings with the SSL certificates.
  2. The second point is the interactivity and how fast your website loads. It's mostly to do with optimising the front end coding and the JavaScript libraries.
  3. The third point is the UX and how visual elements are affecting the user browsing your website, like sliders iFrame and obviously mobile friendliness  - but that's a given now for the last few years.

So those are just 2 out of the hundreds of factors that Google is using, but you have to get ready for next year. Google is continuously updating their bots and focusing more and more on UX and performance. So don't fall behind!

I have a lot of experience taking over sites and optimising them. It usually does not require a full redesign and can be done behind the scene with some quick wins. There are plenty of tools to test the performance today. So if you're not happy with the results of those tests, then just send me a screenshot and let's chat.

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Until next time, stay safe and see you soon.

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