6 disciplines to deliver BETTER digital solutions

6 disciplines to deliver BETTER digital solutions

In this episode, we look at what it takes to deliver BETTER websites and SaaS and why you need a team of experts to optimise the end solutions.

One of my key drivers in life is that there is always room for improvement. No one and nothing is perfect and we can always do better. It applies to us as humans, in life, developing relationships with others and raising our kids. It also applies at work in our processes and in the digital solutions that we're building.

So when it comes to digital, what does it mean to do BETTER? How can you improve your website platform or software as a service application?

Let's get to it.

The rise of no-code tools makes it easier to launch websites or web apps. There's a lot of ready-made templates for content management systems that you can install and launch. But there still needs to be a lot of work to make a digital solution very successful. I have identified the top six skills that are required to make your web platform better.

  1. The first one is to have a better user experience. This is so your site is easier to navigate and flows well between pages and sections. It's driving users towards finding the information that they're looking for or towards a conversion.
  2. Second is to have a better design, so your brand is shining through and it gives the first good impressions to users, it's pleasurable to look at.
  3. Third is to have better performance, so your site loads quicker, no matter what devices or connections the end-users are on.
  4. Fourth is to have better search engines optimisation and rankings so that more people can find and land on your website when they search with key keywords in search engines... So better organic rankings.
  5. Fifth is to have better security, so it's safe to store personal data and confidential information... You need to remain in compliance with GDPR and ISO 27001 at all times.
  6. Sixth and the final one, is to have better accessibility. Again, not just to remain compliant with the latest regulation and not just give a better experience for users with special needs, but also for everyone who is accessing your sites, no matter where and where they are. It can only make things better.

As you can see, the digital landscape is quite complicated. It's made up of so many disciplines and processes and regulations. I see a lot of cowboys in the industry who may not be aware of all those disciplines... They're not investing the right effort, the right amount of time, to get those six points fully optimised.

This is why it's usually better to have a team, multiple experts in-house or via a digital agency, to ensure that you have all those six points covered, ensure that they are fully optimised, so that at the end of the day, you have a BETTER solution.

That's it for today. If you have any question about this or need support to make your digital platform better, just get in touch. Don't forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel and follow me on Twitter to keep learning with me and grow your career in digital.

Until next time, stay safe and see you soon.

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