Hi, I am Sylvain. I am here to help you make better decisions for your next digital project.

I truly believe that to succeed and grow into digital leaders, developers, marketers and designers need to apply UX principles, embrace Compliance and understand Technology.

My mission is to support developers, marketers and UX designers to make BETTER decisions in their day-to-day digital job through:

* Educational videos
* Digital products reviews
* Knowledge sharing events
* Thought leadership articles

Through my experience of growing a business organically and delivering 100s of commercial projects for corporate and public sector organisations, I have seen what brings success.

This is why, following my Write of Passage and OnDeck Performative Speaking fellowships, I decided to start producing and sharing all my knowledge on the various digital topics.

I'll bring you clarity and knowledge, so you can make better decisions when delivering digital projects. This will lead to better digital experiences for your team and customers.

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Keep learning to grow your career in digital

I am a part-time Youtuber publishing "Digital Blitz", a series of short educational video briefs on everything UX, Tech and Compliance. Start watching now

I cover topics that I encounter on a weekly basis supporting clients about their digital transformation strategies. If you work in digital, spare 5 minutes to learn something new!

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Thought leadership from the agency world

I am publishing content about how my role as a CTO supports our team in delivering successful digital projects for corporate and public sector clients. Start reading now

Discover my thoughts and tips on client/agency relationship, growing a team from 2 to 90+, and using security & data compliance as a USP for your business.

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Public speaking & Podcasts appearances

As a creator, performing in front of a live audience (in person or via Zoom!) to share knowledge is the most exciting and rewarding part of the journey. Watch my recent sessions

I am open to opportunities for appearances on podcasts and for public speaking events in person or Zoom, English or French!

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My journey from Junior Dev to CTO

From learning PHP in my bedroom to co-leading a team of 100+ professionals delivering £1m+ digital transformation projects, I started documenting my journey. To inspire the next generation of digital leaders, I will share how you can climb the ranks and never get bored at work, embracing every new challenge as they come!

Climb the ranks with me