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Welcome to The UX CTO Academy 🚀 where I am building an ecosystem of resources to help boost your tech career.

When you have a job in Tech/Digital, you are working hard to bring economic security to your family and have a sense of purpose. The work-life balance needs to be redefined after Covid and the WFH trends, but career growth is still very much a challenge at all levels.

There are many ways to grow as a software engineer, web developer or digital consultant. In all cases, it requires more than writing quality code or launching successful campaigns (it helps, but it's not all!)

To be trusted and recognised in your team, you need to make the right decisions and have the highest impact possible on your team(s). After 15+ years of experience growing a digital transformation agency from 2 to 100+ staff, I am convinced that to succeed, you need to combine UX, Tech & Compliance expertise, and develop soft skills around communication, business value and process automation.

This is why I am open-sourcing all my knowledge to share as much as possible and help YOU climb the ladder and get promoted to your dream tech/digital job.

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