About me - Get to know The UX CTO

I bet that you have not met a CTO who cares that much about end users!

Where does this "UX CTO" come from?

It's my unique blend of thinking about user experience via my engineering background, passion for compliance and CTO career in an agency.

You can watch my 90-second intro to learn more!

Quick Bio

Becoming a creator

Joining Write of Passage #5 and On Deck Performative Speaking fellowships during the Covid19 pandemic really pushed me out of my comfort zone and improved my reading > thinking > writing > teaching process. I am now on a mission to share my experience to everyone working in digital. By following best practices, designers, developers and marketers can make BETTER decisions, build BETTER products and deliver BETTER experiences for their teams and customers.

I am publishing articles and educational videos about how my role as a CTO supports our team in delivering successful digital transformation projects for clients. I cover topics such as:

* People - Leadership on growing a team, managing clients and partners;
* Process - Delivering efficiency & compliance with ISO / GDPR standards;
* UX - The importance of usability and accessibility in building digital services;
* Technology - Open-source CMS / DXP platforms, API and MarTech tools.

Growing a business

Upon joining an e-commerce startup in Florida back in 2005, I immediately knew that it was the right path for me. I love being involved in many areas (tech, sales, operations, IT...) and small companies are an amazing place to learn by making decisions that shape up a business. Moving back to London in 2006, I joined Cyber-Duck Ltd. As a co-founder, we have seen the company grow organically from strength to strength: from a 2-man band back then to a 90+ strong team today.

Our growing team of digital superstars

The development of our amazing team, the evolution of our services / operations and continued growth throughout the years (including during the 2008 and Covid19 crisis) has been the most rewarding experience I could dream of.

Family life & Sports

Outside of work, I enjoy spending time at home and travelling with my pilot wife and 2 amazing daughters. I am passionate about developing them into grateful and well-rounded human beings, exploring foreign cultures and letting them discover their passion. I ran the Vitality triathlon in London back in May 2015. I really enjoyed pushing myself and the training it took months before to get into shape.

We keep our sanity through sports, enjoying runs and mountain bike excursions in leafy Berlin!

If you want to get in touch, I will see you on LinkedIn, Twitter or Strava.

I have also started sharing my favourite tools and platforms to be productive and efficient in my day-to-day life. Most are affiliate links.