DevOps webinar - a CTO Masterclass

DevOps webinar - a CTO Masterclass

DevOps promises faster, automated, integrated software development, from planning to deployment and beyond. But setting it up requires a culture change and can be complex: the wide range of tools can be overwhelming. Where to begin?

Mid-October 2020, my team and I at Cyber-Duck organised a webinar masterclass on DevOps. It was aimed at senior tech leaders and CTO in need of smoother operations, bridging the gap between developers and IT infrastructure team.

As a summary, the main goal of DevOps is to reduce the time between requesting a change to a system and that change being deployed into production.

The DevOps loop or toolchain

To highlight the cultural change and impact it can have on teams, DevOps can be described with the following quote:

“Deployment celebrations should be about the value of new features, not joyful relief that nothing went wrong”
Rebecca Parsons, CTO @ ThoughtsWorks

You can relive the whole session on here:

Cyber-Duck's webinar on DevOps - October 2020

As a summary, we shared our thoughts on:

  • The history of DevOps and its set of tools, principles and processes to unify the entire software development lifecycle;
  • How DevOps is strongly embedded in the Agile methodology, following best practices of rapid iterations and continual improvements;
  • The importance of culture and communication across the project teams and stakeholders;
  • Some of the tools and methodology we use around planning backlog and designing infrastructure, source code repository and gitflow, docker config, build pipelines, automated testing, continuous delivery and ongoing monitoring and patching.

I have to thank again my colleagues Gareth Drew and Indira Reyes for presenting alongside me, as well as the whole crew behind the scene helping prep and run the successful event!

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