Core Web Vitals Requires a Multi-Disciplinary Team

Core Web Vitals Requires a Multi-Disciplinary Team

Let's look at the various digital skills needed in your team to optimise your Core Web Vitals scores and improve your SEO rankings.

When Google announced in 2020 that website performance was going to have a greater impact on search engine rankings, the whole industry started to take user experience very seriously.

I have seen that achieving great Core Web Vital scores is really a team effort. You need a multidisciplinary team of experts to achieve the highest results.

From a technical point, page experience is mostly defined by the speed and responsiveness of your website.

It means that to provide greater page experience to your visitors, you need to optimise both the source code and the hosting infrastructure.

  • You need a web developer to optimise the frontend, HTML and JavaScript code
  • You also need a DevOps engineer to optimise the caching, compression and storing the assets on CDN and so on.

To achieve scores in the high 90's, I really recommend you involve UX and UI designers as well as QA testers to really build a Core Web Vital dream team around your SEO & Analytics expert who should be leading this workstream.

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