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Deliver better shopping experiences with Headless Commerce

Hey, welcome to this new edition of Digital Blitz, your two minutes brief on everything. UX, Tech and Compliance.

As we've seen in the previous video about headless content management system, there are lots of new technologies to separate the content publishing workflow from what the end user sees. And the same applies for eCommerce, which also has headless options. There are a lot of different applications where you should consider headless commerce.

Headless commerce to drive better shopping experiences

Retrofit eCommerce into an existing CMS

The first one is when you want to retrofit eCommerce into an existing CMS website like WordPress. If you have an existing site, adding eCommerce capabilities would be a quicker turnaround and reduce the cost of having to rebuild it all from scratch.

Launching multiple storefronts

You can also use headless commerce when launching multiple storefronts, when going international with different product ranges or creating branded microsites. It's easy to spin up a new front end interface but keep all your eCommerce logic centralized.

Launch multi-channel experiences

It's also a no brainer when you're going multi-channel, you can power your point of sales, your mobile app, your social media product feeds.  It brings, uh, economies of scale as you still have a single stock management system, but all your orders from all the channels are going through the same, uh, PCI compliance, secure checkout.

Content driven shopping experiences

And finally, it's really the only option when producing a content driven experiences with DXP platforms like Drupal. If you want to move away from the standard, boring, kind of categories and product page that comes out of the box with most of the frameworks, you can really focus on building something truly custom with your platform of choice.

And it also helps with the search engine optimization, as it's much easier to drive organic growth with content-rich website.

As you can you see, headless commerce opens up a world of possibilities to deliver more advanced and more customized eCommerce solutions.

So if you're considering launching your eCommerce site or you're on a journey to upgrade your current system, just get in touch. Don't forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel and follow me on Twitter to keep learning with me and grow your career in digital.

Until next time, stay safe and see you soon.

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