Every digital project should follow the GOV.UK Service Standard

2 years ago   •   2 min read

By Sylvain Reiter

What does "best practices" mean when designing and building online portals, websites or apps?

How can you ensure that your next digital project provides a good experience to your customers?

You can read my in-depth analysis on https://theuxcto.com/follow-the-uk-gds-service-standard-for-your-next-corporate-digital-project/ but here is the 2-min Blitz version of the same topic ;-)


Back in 2010, the UK government came up with a vision to go "digital by default". They developed a system of 14 guiding principles to help teams create and run digital services.

It's called the Service Standard.

We won't got into each one, but at a high-level, the Service Standards can be grouped into 3 main categories.

3 main objectives that every product needs to follow:

  • Meet User Needs (focus on understanding your audience's needs)
  • Provide A Good Service (looking at accessibility and iterating on the solution)
  • Use The Right Technology (to ensure it's open source and secure)

The process follows a very Agile approach as well: starting with a research phase, followed by an ALPHA phase to test and iterate on early prototype. Then comes the BETA phase where you actually build the thing, integrate with systems and roll it out to real users. Finally, the public go-LIVE where you keep improving over time.

But before going live, every project HAS to go through an assessment and audit in front of the Cabinet Office.

However, there are no such audits in the corporate world!

The internet would be SUCH a better place if every website, portal and app were to go through these!

And this is where my agency can help.

If you are considering a new project where you'd like to implement all these best practices, get in touch: we have an ISO-accredited process that lives and breath UX, open-source secured development and use Agile delivery. This the way to ensure your next projects will truly delight your customers!

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Until next time, stay safe and see you soon.

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