Self-service UX audit with

Self-service UX audit with

Let's look at a new tool called Heurix: a web app that helps organisations rate the elements of user experience and interfaces on their websites and web platforms, with useful PDF reports.

When you build digital applications, it's very hard to analyse your users' experience and get an objective view on how well it's performing. You can measure a click through rate and conversions, but it does not give you the full picture.

We've recently acquired a tool called Heurix, a web application that helps organisations rate the elements of user experience and the interfaces of their websites and digital platforms.

Let's go into more details about Heurix and how it could benefit your website.

User experience as a field in the digital space is now well recognised as a core discipline. Everyone is aware of the importance of it to ensure that digital systems are well-planned, well-structured and designed, to make it easy for users and customers to understand what to do, find the relevant content and have a general pleasurable experience when they come to your website or platform.

In the UX world, there are some well-defined principles that are called "Usability Heuristics". It's well documented and generally accepted as best practices in the digital world.

In my agency, we run UX audits for our clients to analyse their websites. It's done by our trained UX professionals. To really go very granular and very in-depth, those audits can take several days - depending on the size of the site - and can obviously become quite expensive.

But not every UX audit needs to be that in-depth - it really depends on the use case.

This is where Heurix come in.

Heurix as a tool gives control to UX teams, website owners or agencies to run those user experience audits themselves... even if they don't have senior UX designers! It's been simplified to give more control and more power to everyone.

It will allow you to evaluate your website based on those best practices and all the criteria such as the website navigation, the information integrity, the persuasion elements, the clarity of the content and the various interactions such as the forms, search capabilities and the Calls-to-Action.

At the end of the process that takes less than an hour, it will create useful reports in PDF. Those reports can then be shared with board level stakeholders to build a business case, for example, for further investments. Or they can be shared with agency partners, as a brief for website improvements.

If you want to play with it and give it a go on your websites or web application to see how it's performing against all usability heuristics, you can use it for free with the full set of features available.

Once you're done, feel free to send me the reports and I can give you some feedback and recommendations on where to start to improve your digital platform.

That's it for today. I hope you enjoyed this quick intro to Heurix? If you did, just get in touch. Don't forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel and follow me on Twitter to keep learning with me and grow your career in digital.

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