[Upcoming] Accessibility in eCommerce - Geekle Tech Summit 2021

Oct 1, 2021   •   1 min read

By Sylvain Reiter

I have been invited to talk on 1/2/3 December 2021 at the Geekle eCommerce Tech Summit 2021, the online summit for eCommerce developers. There is a fantastic line-up with speakers from Salesforce, Accenture and Alibaba Cloud amongst many others.

My talk "Become the accessibility hero on your next eCommerce implementation project" will be based on the following story:

PaaS solutions help launch eCommerce stores in record time and provide lots of features out of the box. However, it is critical for developers to understand the UX and accessibility requirements to build inclusive digital solutions. Most projects fail to connect the creative and tech processes, so it's our job as "geek" to better bridge that gap. Let's explore the end-to-end process and best practices so you can ensure your next eCommerce project is compliant and optimised for all.

You can see the promo video of my talk below and register on the Geekle website to come listen and learn how to make better decisions for your next eCommerce project.

See you all there early December!

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