Diversify your inputs for better outputs

2 years ago   •   1 min read

By Sylvain Reiter

I was recently invited on The Penguin Latte Podcast with my friend Paul LeCrone.

You can also listen on Spotify or on Apple Podcast. Enjoy!

This conversation is for people who love websites, web design, blogging, technical and creative thinking. It’s a conversation for the neeeerrrrrrrrds!

Sylvain Reiter (@sylvainreiter) is the cofounder of CYBER-DUCK, a digital agency firm based in the UK.

In this conversation we chat web design principles for novices and pros. In this episode we cover…

  • How to design a website that works (4:00​)
  • Balancing technical thinking with design thinking (14:00​)
  • Tools and tricks for deep work (20:00​)
  • Books for mental strength (27:00​)
  • Find your dream problems (32:00​)
  • Bad web design (35:00​)
  • HTML 5 killing Adobe Flash (37:00​)
  • How to practice programming (38:00​)
  • Public speaking (44:00​)
  • Skiing in P.E class!? (50:00​)
  • Being a dad (53:00​)
  • Shoutouts and sendoffs (55:00​)

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