Performative Speaking - Make your audience remember you

2 years ago   •   1 min read

By Sylvain Reiter

It's already a few weeks old, but I still remember the amazing graduation speeches from my Performative Speaking cohort #1 buddies.

For someone with short term memory like me, I am dazzled by how much of an imprint they had!

Here are some of my favourites 👇🏽👇🏽

@svafier "I pick apples" to explain his investment strategy, linking it to delicious apple pies we all love;

@ErikNewhard "I am a speaker" sharing his incredible / global life story and coming out as a writer/speaker;

Raheela's thrilling roller coster ride about her career so far, facing the unknown but exciting "ride drop" in 2021;

@TaylorLHaggard story about how we liberate ourselves to create through destruction;

@Tim_Coil's analogy of the campfire stories coming to our phone;

@Bazzaruto "Sticking course and ticking sales" describing how he helps course creators;

@ytothej story about the remote Filipino tribe and linking it back to our PS community, sharing similar stories on Zoom;

And all the others with incredible stories too!

This just shows how a few powerful lines and a great "story-showing" make it stick in our minds.

THIS is the power of Performative Speaking.

Paul's video is the perfect summary of the magic it delivers:

If you want your audience to remember you and what you said, sign up to @RobbieCrab's class on, the next cohort start in Jan 2021. See you there ;-)

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