Why CTOs pick Laravel for their 2022 digital roadmap

Why CTOs pick Laravel for their 2022 digital roadmap

Laravel is being used for new projects as well as upgrading legacy applications. In this article, let's explore the main business benefits Laravel brings to those teams.

Are you launching a software as a service application, or are you leading a digital transformation program and need to migrate your legacy applications? Whether it's new or old, your technology stack is always evolving, it's the nature of technology. This is why it's important to make the right decisions when you pick a platform and backend stack for your next digital project.

Unfortunately, there is never a right or wrong answer with so many different frameworks and programming languages. It's almost impossible to compare PHP vs .Net vs Ruby vs Python...

In my experience of talking to CTOs from startups all the way to global PLC and even government entities, there are some core technical principles that apply to any business. More importantly, there are business drivers that CTOs are considering when picking a technology stack.

In this video, I'll share with you the five reasons why the Laravel PHP framework is one of the platforms of choice for CTOs and how it will help all of you deliver secure, scalable, and compliant technology solutions in 2022 and beyond.

Let's get to it.

Laravel PHP framework FTW

Selecting a web development framework

When it comes to web development, there are so many different programming languages and we can all find the pros and cons about the learning curve, the syntax, the frameworks, the community...

Except for some specialists use cases such as AI algorithm where Python clearly is the best programming language with more advanced libraries, for most digital applications in many businesses, the technology stack - and its selection - usually comes down to personal preferences, we have to be honest. There are very few technical differences for most use cases.

In this article, I want to highlight more business-focus reasons on why I see our clients pick the Laravel framework as their preferred technology platform.

Here are my top 5:

1. Laravel is feature-rich

Laravel follows programming best practices and it's a framework that scales with you and your business. Thanks to the code being very clean, it gives developers the ability to refactor and improve easily as you grow. Laravel has a lot of features available out of the box, such as the authentication module, the templating engine, testing, queues, events, multi-tenancy, the ORM... Everything is very modular and it gives freedom to developers to implement either monolithic or microservices architecture as they wish. Additionally, there is a whole ecosystem of products for full-text search, subscription management, deployments and many others.

2. Laravel is cloud-agnostic

You can basically deploy a Laravel WebApp anywhere. You just need a basic server stack, and obviously it can scale with multi-availability zone, different databases and all the network configurations you want.

We've deployed it successfully on AWS, Microsoft Azure, and the Gov.uk PaaS platform with different types of databases from RDS, MSSQL or PostgreSQL, it's very simple. You can deploy it as a containerised application or even serverless with the new Laravel Vapor platform. This means it will be compatible with whatever your company hosting policies is and it's a great benefit.

3. Laravel is performant & secure

I'm not just talking about the speed of execution, but the automated tests, the ability to change drivers, the use of queues and all of the features that come out of the box. Laravel also benefits from a robust underlying base and patching strategy to keep it very secure.

We've gone through dozens of very strict due diligence and pentesting, audits, and Laravel has always been approved for release... it's another thumbs up.

4. Laravel has huge community support

Laravel is the most rated PHP framework on GitHub. It's got lots of plugins and composer libraries from external parties.

It's also easier to recruit than other more niche languages, because all developers want to use the latest trendy framework. Laravel is definitely aligned with that! It's got great HR benefits for growing teams.

5. Laravel raises developers' satisfaction

Even if we're talking about technology here and security and compliance, software is actually built by people for people. The developers need to enjoy their work and be given the tools to be creative, come up with solutions and write beautiful code.

I feel like Laravel is the best framework to do that.

Those are the five reasons why Laravel is so popular among the developer community and why CTOs are using it to drive their 2022 roadmap.

It's not the silver bullet

Remember it's not the silver bullet that will solve all your digital challenges. At the end of the day, it's not the tools or the tech that "make or break" a business: it is the people and the processes.

I've seen some terrible implementations of Laravel where we've had to come in and rescue projects that had become unmanageable. Just with a bit of better communication with the business and the client's product owner, a bit of refactoring of the code, an upgrade to the processes & the delivery pipeline for how we work as a team, we've got it back on track. Just remember that some codebases just need more love and care!

That's it for today. If you need help to pick your next technology stack or already have a Laravel application that you need support with, just get in touch. Don't forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel and follow me on Twitter to keep learning with me and grow your career in digital.

Until next time, stay safe and see you soon.

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